Monday, June 10, 2013


Please don't think I have deserted you! This last month has been very busy for me. During the merry month of May, I traveled to Petaluma, California and Chicago, Illinois for my work in corporate event production. There was also an unexpected trip for several days to my hometown of Cincinnati for a family funeral. In addition to traveling I have been working on a costume design project for a client and produced and directed a the Talent Showcase at my son's high school. To add insult to injury, it finally quit snowing in Pittsburgh (that doesn't happen very often) and the last few weekends have been spent working in the yard planting, pruning, and mulching. So as you can see, my design sensibilities have been pulled in so many directions that I am beginning to feel like a "Stretch Armstrong" doll. 

However, do not fear, my next home improvement installment is just around the corner! I am almost finished with the photography and writing for my next post that features the new DIY workout room that my husband and I have been laboring on since January. So stay tuned and I will have something for you by the end of the week! Until then, thought you might enjoy a peek at some of the fruits of my hectic month.

Cool Design in a Chicago Hotel Room:

Even when I am traveling for work, I can't help but notice great design ideas found in my temporary living spaces. My five day stay at the Wit Hotel on North State Street in Chicago did not disappoint!

First of all, I had a fantastic view of the city and "L" Train from my 12th floor window

One cool design element was this yellow film applied to one angled pane of the window. It created a very cool light effect stripe in the room when the sun shown through.

The rooms designer chose a very interesting and and sophisticate color palette of deep purple-brown and neutral grey with pops of teal, maroon, and orange. The wall behind the bed was a cork-like texture and the artwork over the head board was an fascinating combination of textures and textiles.

The art piece appeared to  be a hard board upholstered in a textural neutral fabric. The red "links" were comprised of a red wool fabric that had been sewn into a tube and then cut into two inch pieces. The pieces were glued or sewn to the board standing on end with a pin-tuck in the center of each to create the perky shape. The bed's head board was upholstered neatly in a mocha faux leather.

I always love the upscale look of crisp white hotel linens! Funny how welcoming and relaxing it is to come back to this temporary home after a complicated production schedule and long day of work!

The neutral and somewhat masculine design is given a touch of sparkle and feminine with the bright and comfortable orange chaise and the the crystal drop floor lamp.

The exciting city view was even better at night when glittered with lights!

Everyone has a special talent so why not show it off?

Sometimes my design skills are put to work on the stage as a director. It was my privilege to work with an awesome team of adults and students at Bishop Canevin High School to produce the first ever Talent Showcase!

Whether it was my son Cory Ziller singing to girls sweet and cute.....

Or hearing the sweet pure sounds of a soloist playing the flute.....

A song sung to the fun rhythm of a Solo cup.......

Or the whole crew busting out a show tune, What's up???.....

 The thrill of a dancer in flight....

Or a martial artist marveling us with the fight...

Every twirl.....

Every swirl.....

Every Boy and Girl.......

Did their best and made me proud!

The Longest Yard:

What started out bleak and bland....

With three weekends, 12 yards of mulch, about 50 plants and shrubs, an electric hedge trimmer, and a bottle of Ibuprofen later....... is now grand!

The pictures tell their own story!

Question: What are we doing next weekend?

Answer: The backyard!

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